Linkflote units can be connected together in a variety of configurations to make marine work platforms, ferries, barges, causeways, floating bridges, access ramps and landing stages.
Each Linkflote unit is comprised of a robust, all welded structural steel frame, with steel skin plates and a reinforced deck. A standard Linkflote unit is:

Length - 5,272mm
Width - 2,428mm
Depth - 1,230mm
Weight - 3,500kg (approx)

Tugs/Pusher Unit/Work Boat

Tugs featured (Hope-Ann", "Sarah-Jane" and "Livvy-Lou"):
*Type F12L714 air cooled - 9.2m x 2.5m, with 250hp Deutz V12 drive units (comes with operator if required)
Work Boat features ("Donna Marie"):
*Beaver style 6m load, steel hull and superstructure (all come with operator/skipper if required
Dumb Barges (x3):
*20m x 4m, estimated gross tonnage capacity 40 tonnes
Boggler (x3):
Info needed also pic in GCAM livery

Hiab Loader Crane

2 Hiabs
that can be fitted within the pontoon system or barge.
1.5 tonnes @ 5.5 Metres


Generator & Welding Sets

The welding solution for worksites without electricity. Suitable for:
Stick welding,
Arc Air Gouging,
Lift TIG welding
MIG welding
A DC voltage welding set enables you to use all electrode types and weld even the most technical material. Ideal for off-site locations using site tow or road tow.
Our diesel welders are super-silenced or at least very quiet when under power due to environmental and health and safety regulations.