GCAM were provided with a set of drawings to fabricate and supply materials and install a steel tube piling system at each side of the River mole weir gates to accept a floating boom unit across the river .

All steel work was fabricated in our work shop first and then sent for hot dip galvanising.

Installation works were completed from a floating platform moved into position by Tug. Material handling was by HIAB Crane integrally fitted into the platform.




Working as part of Team Van Oord and on behalf of the Environment Agency, Mackley is close to completing a project to improve safety and access to two rivers in Surrey.

The programme of works involves the placement of a series of safety booms, a debris boom and access ramps on the Rivers Mole and Ember at East Molesey.

The safety booms will provide a barrier to prevent river users from inadvertently accessing nearby weirs, while the debris boom will prevent debris from becoming trapped in the weirs and potentially increasing the flood risk.

The new access ramps will provide safer access to the rivers for Environment Agency staff carrying out maintenance of the booms and the removal of floating pennywort.