LINKFLOTE units can be connected together in a variety of configurations to make marine work platforms, ferries, barges, causeways, floating bridges, access ramps and landing stages.
Each Linkflote unit is comprised of a robust, all welded structural steel frame, with steel skin plates and a reinforced deck.

MODULAR CUBE PONTOONS consist of HDPE (high density polyethylene) cubes that link together using a locking HDPE connection lug.
Modular Pontoon Cubes are incredibly robust, stable and versatile making them the ideal solution for a wide range of pontoon applications.
Being a modular system we can make the pontoons in virtually any shape and size, you can also add or remove cubes if your requirements change in the future.
The system can be used for both temporary and permanent installations and is able to withstand years of environmental wear and tear

Tugs/Pusher Unit/Work Boat

Tugs featured (Hope-Ann", "Sarah-Jane" and "Livvy-Lou"):
*Type F12L714 air cooled - 9.2m x 2.5m, with 250hp Deutz V12 drive units (comes with operator if required)
Work Boat features ("Donna Marie"):
*Beaver style 6m load, steel hull and superstructure (all come with operator/skipper if required)
Dumb Barges (x3):
*20m x 4m, estimated gross tonnage capacity 40 tonnes
Our newest acquisition, currently undergoing a total refurb.

Hiab Loader Crane

2 Hiabs
that can be fitted within the pontoon system or barge.
1.5 tonnes @ 5.5 Metres


Welding and Generator Sets

The welding solution for worksites without electricity. Suitable for:
Stick welding,
Arc Air Gouging,
Lift TIG welding
MIG welding
A DC voltage welding set enables you to use all electrode types and weld even the most technical material. Ideal for off-site locations using site tow or road tow.
Our diesel welders are super-silenced or at least very quiet when under power due to environmental and health and safety regulations.