We have been employed to provide pontoons and safety boat and operator for the duration of the piling works for installation of a set of eel screens similar to the project undertaken by us at Walton on Thames in 2016/2017.

Planning Description - The erection of a Hydrolox eel screen, supporting structure and fender piles at Hampton Water Treatment Works to be part located within the River Thames in front of the water intake structure. The existing wooden fender piles will be replaced by new steel fender piles with a floating boom.

Progress Report

Piling works complete, now awaiting Bolina booms, floats and related equipment to install.


Bolina booms installed. Further progress temporarily postponed because of the imminent hatching of nesting coots.

GCAM feature extensively in the Eight2O You Tube Video relating to The Walton Eel Screen 2016/17 Project





Eight2O Project..Vimeo Time Lapse


Thames Water has commenced work on a second Eel Screen as part of an extensive project to help stocks of the critically endangered species recover.

The company is installing the equipment at its advanced water treatment works in Hampton, south-west London.

The screens help the eels and elvers avoid being drawn in to Hampton’s works from the Thames during the abstraction process and allow the fish to continue their migration up and down the river.

Every day, Thames Water abstracts / extracts, treats and supplies 2.6 billion litres (570 million imperial gallons) of potable tap water from 100 water treatment works via 288 clean water pumping stations through 31,100 km (19,300 mi) of managed water mains to 9 million customers (3.6 million properties) across London and the Thames Valley.[28] It maintains 30 raw water reservoirs and 235 underground service reservoirs.
(Source - Wikipedia)