Our client was Costain. We provided the working platform for the entire project including the tug vessels, barges for transportation on the river from the delivery site at Hampton to the works themselves about a mile up stream.

We provided safety boat and manpower. We also were utilised for moving the pontoon each time a new position for construction along the length of the site was required.

All the Piling equipment, cranes, and general equipment were transported afloat to the site involving moving the pontoon up and downstream.

We provided staff to assist in welding/fabricating, piling and general safety work whilst work on the platform took place.

GCAM feature extensively in the Eight2O You Tube Video





Eight2O Project..Vimeo Time Lapse


Thames Water installed its first eel screens as part of an extensive project to help stocks of the critically endangered species recover.

The company has installed the equipment at its advanced water treatment works in Walton, south-west London.

The £6.5m screens help the eels and elvers avoid being drawn in to Walton’s reservoirs from the Thames during the abstraction process and allow the fish to continue their migration up and down the river.